400-Gbps OSFP Active Optical Cable

  • Compliance to IEEE 802.3 bs
  • Compliance to QSFP DD MSA Rev 3.0 (for Memory Map)
  • Compliance to OSFP MSA
  • Supports 400 Gbps data rate links up to 70m/100 m via OM3/OM4, respectively.
  • Typical Power Consumption: 10W (each port)
  • Hot pluggable electrical interface
  • Using standard 16 lane optical fiber with 3-mm round cable
  • 0 to 70°C case temperature operating range
  • RoHS-6 Compliant (lead-free)
  • Ethernet for 200GBASE-SR4
  • For 400 Gb/s Ethernet Application
  • HPC Interconnects
  • Proprietary Interconnections
Ordering Information
P/N Meters P/N Meters
C08050OAML001 1m C08050OAML015 15m
C08050OAML003 3m C08050OAML020 20m
C08050OAML005 5m C08050OAML025 25m
C08050OAML007 7m C08050OAML030 30m
C08050OAML010 10m C08050OAMLxxx 0~100m*